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#KONTRIP; iKON’s parents’ shop/restos (updated).

Hi there, I can write the direction in English, so you can just jump right away to the direction part. 😀

Hai hai hai, karena kemaren dibilangin Bels itu petanya ada yang salah, dan restonya tante Bobby pindah, juga sekarang ada Buldak juga, jadi Ma update aja lagi ya. Moga moga berguna. Terus karena kayanya lebih oke bikin detilnya pake bahasa inggris, biar yang tau dan bisa pake banyakan, jadi Ma pake basa inggris aja yes. 😀

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The weight of my father’s prayer

It is the first time I took it off after the first day my father gave it to me.
It’s been with me everyday since the first day he gave it to me.

I don’t know how long has it been, I barely remember the story behind it as well. All I remember is the weight of my father’s prayer it has.

I forgot whether he got it from Iran or Iraq, but I remember that the White Onyx was a fragment of a renovated mosque’s appendage; again, I forgot whether it came from a dome, the pillar, or the wall of the mosque. I remember the mosque was quite a famous one too.

Long story short he was given several stone fragments from the mosque and he gave it to me among all the other stones (I forgot whether that is the only White Onyx or the biggest one) and said that he, ust Umar (his friend and his tour leader) and a local (I think he was the mosque’s guardian or something?) was praying for me to be married (soon? I guess).

I know that he and all my family know how much I dislike wearing jewelry. I don’t even like to do watch. But he went himself to the idk what it called to have it beautifully made and ask me to wear it.

I couldn’t tell him no.
I didn’t want to, tho.

So I did, and I still do.

But it’s still not happening until now.
I am sorry.


PS: I wrote on my birthday eve, but never get the chance to publish it.

Diproteksi: Soal Ujian Koas IKM 23 Desember 2016

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One of thousands reasons why I love her.

Bu Ani, she’s not my lecturer per se. She never teaches me in class, or anything. She is, or was, my post graduate coordinator. She’s very very very kind and considerate towards all of us. This, right here, is when she’s giving feedback of what students need. Not just something out of the textbook. Responsibility as a lecturer, giving students something more that just a clinical competence.

Btw, this is not in front of her students, and she’s so passionate talking about it.

Bu Ani, I love you.

Foto: MedJob

I’d like to write a long rants about my dissertation process, that is currently still in a slow progression. But I can’t deny the fact that MedJob, the process, has been done, and it’s amazing. I’m so thankful during the process and so grateful for the committee and the participants that kindly join the projects and sacrificing their precious six weekend.  I’m so so so thankful and I’m beyond words.

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Rants, more rants.

I hate responsibilities. I HATE THEM

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Diproteksi: Soal Ujian Koas IKM 12 Oktober 2016

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Selamat datang!!

Rizma Adlia Syakurah,

Ini semua tentang Ma dan hal hal yang berputar disekeliling Ma.
tentang seorang Ma.

Mau nge-OOT, sini aja.

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Blog fave-nya Ma!!


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Edan banget, yet, I Love it,,!!

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