2020 and how things changed so far

How things changed so far? Well lots are changing, but not necessarily in the way that I planned them to be, but well that’s life. Also the fact that I can say the last sentence itself is also one of my change in 2019. Did you notice the change in me?

2010-2019 was such a decade, it was a decade of working life, if I may say so. I graduated medschool in 2011 and started working in Azzahra right away, 2012 I started to work in FK, 2013 I started my doctorate study while still doing both jobs. So far it sounds exhausted already just by me writing them. 😂😂😂

During 2013-2017 lots of things happened as well, the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad ones. But yeah, it got overwhelming at times. I planned to graduate in 3 years but apparently it’s not happening as I wanted to be, so I finished in late 2017 and officially graduated in January 2018.

Back to 100% work mode in 2018 proven to be devestating, I was super sad at times, and super tired at the mistreatments I got. I waited the whole year and I tried the CPNS opening, and surprisingly I passed? I didn’t tell lots of my friends I’m applying because they wouldn’t believe me anyway. Being a PNS isn’t my thing, let along commuting back and forth to Indralaya. Also what kind of people moved from FK to FKM? Me.

I was hoping for a kinder atmosphere, more acceptance and freedom of creativity since their faculty and the faculty members are still young and creative. I was so pumped, I am still pumped tho. I tried to stay under the radar and not making a lot of noises or not to show myself too much but apparently it’s hard for me to do, so things happened and I have one person aiming their hatred on me currently. But I hope things are getting better soon in 2020, because I still want to work there. 🙏🏼

See? All of them are work related, maybe minus iKON. I have iKON coloring my life from 2013 until now. No, no boyfriend for the whole decade as well.

I try to remember what kind of person I was and how much I’ve changed, it’s kind if hard because I don’t remember a lot, it’s a bit vague too.

Ah! I am currently in therapy, and I planned to continue my therapy until I got better and becoming a better person. I want to try new hobbies as well.

Wish me luck on more colorful and blessed life in 2020, Happy New Year! 🙏🏼❤️

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