Two years on Twitter, two years of real fangirling life.

It’s funny how life is. How weird how everything turn out to be. I was NEVER a real fan, mostly just casual fan that only come to concerts with discounted tickets. I never buy albums, don’t know what is Melon, never stream a song more that once. To put it simply, I was just a casual fan. Seriously very casual, especially compared to Sara. 😆

Suddenly I’m making my new fangirl Twitter account, celebrating my birthday in Seoul iKONCERT, my first iKONCERT ever, well not just first iKONCERT but also my first solo travel overseas without conference as an excuse, meeting the boys and talking to them, giving birthday cake, shaking hands with them, meeting their parents, laughing and crying with them, traveling for the first time to Japan just to attend their concert, meeting and making friends with fellow iKONICs, going to five, six, seven until before I know it, I attended their twelfth concert. I met them once, twice, thrice, until too many to count yet I cherished every moments I have with my polite innocent friendly sons.

One of my most precious moment, meeting Yun in his parents’ place.

If I were myself three years ago, I would never guess I went this far, fall into this iKONIC live this hard, spend this much for them. My three-years-ago me would’ve yelled at myself right now, well I did that to Sara when she wanted to go to Shinee concert in 2010/2011 in weekdays, saying it’s not okay because she got class that day and tomorrow.

I’m so sorry Sara, I was wrong. Well not 100% but still (nggak mau kalah lol)

It’s been fun so far, even though I spent so much and waste lots of time on Twitter, I have at least one constant thing I can rely on for my daily happiness. Well, my mental health and happiness are important, y’know? Hahahahahaha.

The fact that I am still a stingy and calculated person never change, but I need iKON, so I adapt. I sell stuffs like iKON merchs during my travel overseas and end up getting the profit as much as my flight tickets, I’m so happy so I can continue supporting the boys and not hating myself during the process.

So, if you ask me do I want to fix something during this two years, of course there are stuffs I wished I didn’t do, but I am really grateful for knowing and meeting iKON, and making them part of my life. Maybe I’ll get older, busier, and consequently won’t have enough time for them, but I will continuously support them, as they are my sons.

Happy second anniversary, my fangirl twitter. ❤

2 Responses to “Two years on Twitter, two years of real fangirling life.”

  1. 1 Deddy Huang September 27, 2017 pukul 10:51 pm

    huah.. dirimu masih fans kpop sejati mbak Ma 😀

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