#KONTRIP; iKON’s parents’ shop/restos (updated).

Hi there, I can write the direction in English, so you can just jump right away to the direction part. 😀

Hai hai hai, karena kemaren dibilangin Bels itu petanya ada yang salah, dan restonya tante Bobby pindah, juga sekarang ada Buldak juga, jadi Ma update aja lagi ya. Moga moga berguna. Terus karena kayanya lebih oke bikin detilnya pake bahasa inggris, biar yang tau dan bisa pake banyakan, jadi Ma pake basa inggris aja yes. 😀

Sebelom mulai, ada beberapa general tips terkait tempat tempat keluarga ini. (sama aja kayak di post lama)

  1. Be respectful. Guys, jangan seenaknya. Kalo mau foto, tanya dulu. Karena walaupun keluarganya Yun super friendly, lebih enak kalo kita tanya dulu. Khusus untuk mamanya Hanbin, dia agak private, jadi kalo dia gak mau diajak foto jangan dipaksa ya.
  2. Issue terkait makanan. Hampir semua makanan disana itu gak halal, jadi paling aman kalo kamu mau jalan kesana, jangan semuanya muslim. Supaya ada yang makan. Gak enak kan dateng gak makan tiba tiba ambil foto seenaknya aja? Kalo kamu agak santai orangnya, mungkin bisa pilih daging sapi atau ayam, kalo nggak, bisa pilih menu seafood atau vegan, kalo nggak juga, pesen minum aja. Tapi serius minimal usahain ada satu orang yang bisa makan. Di tempat Yun kalo kita berdua atau bertiga dan ada temen yang bisa makan makanan disana, kita bakal dikasih kayak bibimbap gitu sama tantenya.
  3. Bahasa. Dari seluruh keluarga mereka, yang lancar dan bisa komunikasi bahasa Inggris itu keluarganya Hanbin (sekarang tantenya juga bahasa Inggrisnya oke, tapi omnya yang di Buldak belom). Jadi kecuali kamu bawa k-friends bareng, siap google translate atau kalo kamu udah advance bahasa Korea-nya, hajar aja! 😀

Let’s start!

Yun’s mom BBQ place!

My favorite place! Some are quite lucky meeting Yunhyeong here, the restaurant opens since noon, so you can do lunch or dinner here. They don’t do English at all, so be prepared. They accept gifts and they are quite okay to be asked to take picture together. Super nice!! You can reach the place thru Jamsil (green), Olympic Park or Dunchon station (purple). If you’re staying around Gangnam, this is so close!

You can use this Google Maps coordinate and use Google Map Direction to search the transportation needed right away. but I’ll make you extra ones too, just in case

Use bus 30-5 is the most effective way! It’s my favorite because it is flexible, you can use the bus with connection to purple (Olympic Park), green (Jamsil) or pink line (Mongchontoseong)!

  1. From Olympic Park, you need to go to exit 1 and you can find the bus stop there, Take 30-5 and in 3 stops you can exit in Baedari, West Hanam Nadeulmok and just go across the street! The place is just across from the bus stop.
  2. From Mongchontoseong you need to go to exit 2 and walk a little to Olympic Park bus station and take the 30-5 bus for 8 stops.
  3. From Jamsil you need to go to exit 8 and the bus stop is just beside it, board to 30-5 bus for 13 stops.

To go home, just use the bus stop near the restaurant, using the same bus to go back to your subway station.

Btw the front of the restaurant changes already. I was kind of konfused at first too, but don’t worry, it is still quite distinctive.


Fangirl tips:

  1. You can get them gifts and give Yun related things there, his mom loves to display them to her place. She is so kind, you can ask picture with her, but please be respectful, and if there is family events, don’t barge in and make them uncomfortable, we wouldn’t want strangers to ruin our family occasions too, right?IMG_20160204_183103
  2. They actually knew already that Muslim have a hard time eating there, so it is easier to go there with other friends that can eat the foods there, the samgyeopsal cost around 12-15k KRW, beef cost around 60k KRW. For muslims we can order naengmyeon or kimchi jjigae without pork.
  3. Try talking about Yun to them, they love it! If you are Yun stans, don’t forget to mention it to them too. 😀
  4. If Yun’s father happens to be there when you’re visiting them, sometimes they offer to take iKONICS back to the station. They are super kind, just don’t forget to say thank you and don’t shove our cameras too close. Funfact; the car is a new car bought from Yun to his father. ❤

Bobby’s Aunt Restaurant

She changes restaurant already, it is bigger and really close to Naebang station. From Naebang station just go out from exit 2, and go straight until you see the hair salon and the store, the hair salon is actually in the 2nd floor from the restaurant.

Fangirl tips. (I will add some pictures later)

  1. Bobby has his drawing near the cashier and his stickers by the cashier, you might want to take picture there. The place is quite new so there are not much of Bobby stuffs there.
  2. You can give gifts to her, but I’m not sure you can ask her to give Bobby your gifts tho, she doesn’t speak English, but if his uncle were there, he is pretty friendly (the one that has instagram account and like to follow IKONICs) and you can take picture with him.
  3. I accidentally met Bobby’s mom, dad and grandma there eating dinner together, but I didn’t come closer, just smile at them as they are going out in 5 minutes. So there is a probability on meeting his parents here, but I’m not so sure.
  4. They sell cold noodle and BBQ, the noodle cost around 7k KRW and the BBQ ranging from 15k to 30k? Again if you can’t eat the food there, travel with your friends that can, or eat the noodle (or the snacks?) instead.

TRY, Buldak, and 5GAM (Gimpo).

This is the one that I did wrong, sorry girls. I pinpoint the wrong place, but the direction there is pretty much the same. The Google Map contained TRY, Buldak and the perfume store, LAB 5GAM.

How to go there? Well that is quite easy, it’s just far. 😆
My vote is with using M6117, and it is very flexible. You can go board the bus from Sinchon, Hongik, or Hapjeong. Hongik and Hapjeong are two of the most connective station, so you can choose flexibly. I personally choose Hapjeong st because the bus station is closer from subway station.


  1. From Sinchon, use green line, not the blue line, because it is far from each other and there is no connection between the two. You go out from exit 5 and go straight for a bit, the bus stop will be in the middle of the road, find the M6117 tag and you’re good to go, it will take you 3 stops from Sinchon.
  2. From Hongik, if you are from airport line, go to green line too. Go out from exit 2 or 8 and the bus stop will be in the middle of the street, just go a bit forward. Find the M6117 tag again to confirm and you will go there in only 2 stops from Hongik.
  3. Now, from Hapjeong, that is turned out to be YG ultimate favorite place, you can go straight from between exit 5 and 10. From Hapjeong it only takes 1 stop to the bus stop.


Just like that, bright orange. the LAB 5GAM is just in the building across the road from TRY, so close. and to go from TRY to Buldak, just exit from TRY and go left, go straight and across the road, then you will find Buldak there. The place is not so big but you can’t miss it. It’s pretty full of decoration. 😆 (UPDATED: TRY HAS MOVED)

Thank God for Buldak official account because they help a lot with providing ways to reach their place.

To go back, you just to go to the nearest intersection and go straight and pass through Starbucks and go across the big street, there you will find the bus station and go using M6117 back to your preferred train station. the aunt, it is different person as the first person I met. This imo, Hanbin aunt, can speak English and super friendly. She put Hanbin standee on display right away, and she let us use Hanbin’s clothing and take pictures!

Fangirl Tips

  1. If you want to meet his parents, I suggest around 5-6pm, or more (maybe) because his father usually out to TRY or Buldak around that time. Hanbin’s father speaks English very well, he is also super friendly and likes to talk to us.
  2. LAB 5GAM Gimpo owner is so kind, he will talk about what Hanbin likes to do, and he will let you see his collection of Hanbin’s pictures with fans too. He lets us smell his special perfume for Hanbin’s birthday as well.
  3. If you want to take lots of pictures and try lots of cloths, you should do that in TRY and Buldak, because there are LOTS OF IT! There are some in LAB 5GAM too~
  4. As in food, if you are Muslim, rice, omelette, chicken are the ones you can eat, they usually use tomato ketchup to write ❤ BI there. The food in Buldak is ranging from 10k to 30k KRW.
  5. Buying stuffs in TRY are nice, we can use them, and the prices were quite acceptable. Please buy something to help the economy. Hahahahahahaha
  6. This is unrelated, but near our bus station back to the Seoul, there is the gym Hanbin usually go to. You can take picture of it, I guess. 😆

5GAM Hongdae

This branch is pretty new, opened in 2017 if I’m not mistaken. This branch is the one opened by Hanbin’s family, that’s why they develop special perfume for the boys. The price is slightly more expensive than the Gimpo one but I prefer buying here. During 2017 Hanbin’s father were there a lot, but these days not so much. The shop is located at the 4th floor of YZ Mall in Hongdae, it’s super easy to reach from Hongdae station exit 8. It’s just around the corner, you can’t miss it. They make lots of events, so if you’re coming at the right time you will get to take picture with beautiful decoration. 😀

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Pendapatan hari ini 😂😂

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Fangirl tips:

  1. They have mailbox and fanart ‘gallery’, so you can send your letters and fanarts there. Make sure it’s Hanbin related. Hanbin and his family rarely visit there, but if they do, usually they come on Sunday.
  2. Sometimes they make events and give out cute freebies, just don’t forget to follow their Instagram account @lab_5gam
  3. If you want to buy limited edition perfumes, make sure to DM them via IG to make reservation, because they’re not all ready stocked there.
  4. Please buy stuffs there. The perfumes smell so good! 🙂

Platte and Colorfultitle

Our beloved Seiyeon and her shops are also my favorite place to hang out. The places are nice, stuffs are affordable and have top quality as well!

First, Platte. Platte is located in Hongdae, if you want to walk from the station it will take around 10 minutes, or you can take a bus from exit 2 and sit down until you see Platte and stop on the nearest bus stop (less than 50m walk)

The place is beautiful, the foods and drinks are delicious, and they have merchs you can buy!! Givangchy (Seiyeon’s dog) sometimes there too! Seiyeon usually comes around noon-afternoon. During the first month opening of Colorfultitle she is always there, so it’s easier to meet her in Colortul Title.

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My mood booster. 💕

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Now about Colorfultitle, the place is a bit secluded compare to Platte, but it’s not impossible to find. You can take a cab and go there from Platte for around 3-5k KRW, not too expensive especially if you’re in a group of 3-4.

The place is cute and filled with lots of girly accessories.

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Amazing collection by @colorfultitle!

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Fangirl tips:

  1. Seiyeon is into cute fanarts, in Platte there are three fanarts from Indonesian fanartist! She will happily accept your gifts for her, but please refrain from asking her to give your gifts to another members.
  2. Sometimes she’s okay with selfies, especially when the shop isn’t crowded and she has her makeup on (or you convinced her that you will use cute filters 😀 )
  3. The merchs are super good, I love Platte tumbler so much, so please buy a lot to help with the economy. 😀

That’s about it I suppose, I didn’t go to JiHal Bros (it’s in Hongdae if you want to go there) because it is not halal anyway. If there are other mistakes please feel free to correct me and you can messages me for any updates on new stores.

PS: You can always DM me thru Instagram if you need help finding your way there. 🙂


5 Responses to “#KONTRIP; iKON’s parents’ shop/restos (updated).”

  1. 1 Ria April 26, 2017 pukul 1:04 pm

    JilHal Bros ngga halal kah, kak ma?

  2. 3 Eka Agustus 21, 2017 pukul 7:48 pm

    Makasi udah sharing 😊😊

  3. 4 Nurul Khoiriyah Desember 10, 2018 pukul 4:16 pm

    untuk TRY, buldak sama 5GAM ada alamat jelasnya gak ya? thank you 🙂

  1. 1 #KONTRIP; iKON’s parents’ shop/resto. | Just being Me. Always. Lacak balik pada April 14, 2017 pukul 1:37 pm

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