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I’d like to write a long rants about my dissertation process, that is currently still in a slow progression. But I can’t deny the fact that MedJob, the process, has been done, and it’s amazing. I’m so thankful during the process and so grateful for the committee and the participants that kindly join the projects and sacrificing their precious six weekend.  I’m so so so thankful and I’m beyond words.

I’ll write the details maybe in my dissertation report about MedJob, but I want to share and store my precious moments that I captured during the events. The HQ ones are still in the committee, and since it’s around 60+gigabytes, I’m having a tiny problem retrieving it. Some already in Instagram, but nonetheless, my dusty blog is in need of updates as well, desho? :mrgreen:

Here goes!

Among all the wonderful events during MedJob, I’m so fascinated with their writing in the post-it and their enthusiasm during fieldtrip. I think I should do it again, but in collaboration with faculty, so I can manage broader public and give more impact.

But for now, let’s finish the report first. Haha.


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