Proceeding: Medical Students’ Perspective of Tutorial Steps in FK Unsri.

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Sitasi: Syakurah RA. Medical Students’ Perspective of Tutorial Steps in FK Unsri. In: Findyantini A, Subagiarta IM, editors. Proceeding of 7th Jakarta Meeting on Medical Education; 2014 Dec 5-7; Jakarta – Indonesia. Jakarta: Indonesia; 2014. P 48

“Medical Students’ Perspective of Tutorial Steps in FK Unsri”

Rizma Adlia Syakurah
Public Health Department, Sriwijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia.

Background: Tutorial often said to be the core from PBL, hence the application of tutorial is highly important to be constantly evaluated. This study aims to explore medical students’ point of view toward implementation of tutorial steps in FK Unsri.

Methods: Focus group discussions were conducted to medical students in different year of study. They were asked to discuss about their difficulty in practicing tutorial steps. Focus group discussions were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. Participant observation and cross-examination are used as triangulation.

Results: Some points are obtained in related to their difficulties in practicing tutorial steps. In Term of Clarification, the first difficulty is stated as the use of certain terminology that only used in Palembang, making it harder to be clarified. Other difficulties come from some of their tutors that force them use the exact term as written in tutor guide. This problem occurs in Identification and Analysis of Problems. Brainstorming is nonexistence, unless for enthusiastic first year students. Accommodating tutors plays great role into increasing their motivation to brainstorm. In Hypothesis and Problem Interconnection, difficulties mostly occur because students rarely study beforehand. Some tutors demand them to make hypothesis that is exact to tutor guide. Conceptual Framework is usually made by one or two more diligent students. Making of Learning Issue is usually skipped; only first year students still make those. They usually use the existing problem from their previous steps as they claim it to be rather similar. Self-Learning is rarely done as well. Sometimes lazy ones copy others’ handout. Finally, they tend to take turns reading their material that they’ve been searched or copied in Synthesis.

Discussion: Most problems are caused by students’ lack of motivation and tutors’ actions which may have been resulted from their miss perception of what a tutorial should be.

Keyword: Tutorial steps, medical students

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